ESS Martial Arts Academy is a martial arts shchool in Bellevue, Nebraska.  ESS is an acronym for Evade, Strike, and Submit, a break-down of the most important prowess of a martial artist.  With the rising popularity of Mixed Martial Arts, it is clear that Self-Defense is evolving. ESS Martial Arts Academy will strive to bring its students the most up to date concepts in self-defense. This is not a traditional school, MMA gym, or fight camp.  This is a community that strives in developing themselves as martial artist.


We are saddened to announce that ESS is now closed.

ESS opened its doors in January of 2019. In that first year we built a beautiful community of like-minded people that aspired to better themselves through martial arts. We couldn’t be more proud of their growth and appreciated their trust and loyalty. We slowly grew our numbers, but through the pandemic, it proved difficult to maintain them.

We wish our students the best of luck and hope that they flourish at the next gym they train in.

722 Fort Crook Road North
Bellevue NE 68005