BANG™ Fundamentals

Our adult classes teach the fundamentals of the BANG™ Muay Thai system created by professional fighter Duane Ludwig. Learn the basics of the art of Muay Thai through this class that focuses on footwork, fundamental striking including elbows and knees.


BANG™ Muay Thai

This adult BANG™ class is for yellow belts and above, for students have developed fundamental skills, this class will focus on combinations as well as applications of combat. This class is an ideal structure for students who look to focus on sparring.


Muay Thai Sparring

Predominately flow sparring, focusing on drills that emphasize reaction, and the effectiveness of sparring. Flow sparring allows martial artist to develop their creativity. Ideal for preparation for heavy sparring. The intensity of this class depends on the goals of the individual student.

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Youth BANG™ Muay Thai

Our Youth Muay Thai class offers the fundamentals of the BANG™ Muay Thai program, simplified for the kids! It’s a great way for the youth to stay active, and motivated. This will build up their self confidence and at the same time give them the knowledge and skill to defend themselves when needed.